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GPS signal distribution and gps retransmission for the following entities:
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As a partner of AuCon, GPS Source Inc. manufactures roll on/roll off and permanent GPS retransmission kits for the military.  The equipment will provide GPS coverage within any aircraft or in an (armoured) ground vehicle like new BOXER or DINGO or PUMA.  This means any handheld military or commercial GPS receiver for L1, L2, L5, precision air drop guidance unit (JPADS) and military free fall receiver will acquire satellite signals inside the aircraft or ground vehicle.  The warfighter will have satellite connectivity and situational awareness prior to dismounting a vehicle or exiting an aircraft. 

  • Eliminates Time to First Fix
  • Improves Situational Awareness
  • Gives Continual Grid Coordinate Availability
  • Combat Proven Core Technology
Download pdf-file GPS-Repeater for armoured vehicles/ Eurosatory 2010(900 kB)

GPS Source has a lot experience in wireless GPS coverage within any military aircraft. This means any handheld military or commercial GPS receivers, precision air drop guidance units and parachutist NavAid receivers can acquire satellite signals inside the aircraft. A GPS receiver will experience no loss in signal coverage as it moves out of an aircraft equipped with GPS Live Inside.

GPS receivers (both commercial and military) do not automatically “get” a GPS signal.  Receivers have to search for and then lock onto the signal.  The receivers typically cannot lock onto the signals when inside of an aircraft.  When a Warfighter exits an aircraft, there can be a relatively long period of time to the first GPS position fix as the receiver searches for the signal.  The time needed for a navigation device (such as a DAGR) to lock onto a signal outside of the plane, may affect the amount of actual air time available to navigate and glide to a target.  With GPS Live Inside, the Warfighter always has a signal inside or out of the aircraft.

Did you also have a need for a LIVE GPS Signal inside?

Your contact person for MIL applications:
Mr. Willi Fink  
Tel: +49- 89- 91059868


See a pattern for a signal distribution in a hangar(400 kB)

gps inside aircarft
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Exhibitions 2012: Eurosatory /Paris
Methods, systems and countermeasures for gps jamming,  gps faking and spoofing  only on reasoned request for military applications. We offer consulting for gps simulation and gps testsystems.
New product development 2013: Special phase arry antennas, gnss antijamming systems, wiener equation, beamforming, gnss simulators for verifing received gps data
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